This is me :)

This is me :)
Nur Fatin Binti Azman

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Preparation for hari raya !

One of the day that I can't wait to celebrate is Hari Raya, not even me but also all the muslim. Hari raya is the day that people meet up and gather to see each other after a long time haven't met. Hari raya also the day that we can seek for forgiveness from aour family and friends. I'm not saying that only for hari raya we only can seek for forgiveness others day also we can but at hari raya we meet our relatives and seek forgiveness infront of them not through the phone or email.

First thing that my family do for the preparation is buy some new outfit for celebrating hari raya, I think everyone will do the same thing as me isn it? Nowadays, most all family ave their own theme outfit colour different as mine, my mother don't care what colour our outfit is. After buy new cloth, my mom will washed our prevoius curtain and hang it back to it place, my mom change our curtain every year or every two years. We started to clean up our house so that it will not so chaos.

The last day of ramadhan, we will be very busy because my mom busy cooking for hari raya dish, rendang. My dad busy clean up my house and I and my sister will help my dad while my brothers will help my mom cooking rendang, one will sliced the onion, one will stir the rendang and all the things at the kitchen my brothers will control. At that day my house will be glorious. On first day hari raya I didn't go to the hometown because I don't have one. My parents both came from Kuala Lumpur.

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