This is me :)

This is me :)
Nur Fatin Binti Azman

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Preparation for hari raya !

One of the day that I can't wait to celebrate is Hari Raya, not even me but also all the muslim. Hari raya is the day that people meet up and gather to see each other after a long time haven't met. Hari raya also the day that we can seek for forgiveness from aour family and friends. I'm not saying that only for hari raya we only can seek for forgiveness others day also we can but at hari raya we meet our relatives and seek forgiveness infront of them not through the phone or email.

First thing that my family do for the preparation is buy some new outfit for celebrating hari raya, I think everyone will do the same thing as me isn it? Nowadays, most all family ave their own theme outfit colour different as mine, my mother don't care what colour our outfit is. After buy new cloth, my mom will washed our prevoius curtain and hang it back to it place, my mom change our curtain every year or every two years. We started to clean up our house so that it will not so chaos.

The last day of ramadhan, we will be very busy because my mom busy cooking for hari raya dish, rendang. My dad busy clean up my house and I and my sister will help my dad while my brothers will help my mom cooking rendang, one will sliced the onion, one will stir the rendang and all the things at the kitchen my brothers will control. At that day my house will be glorious. On first day hari raya I didn't go to the hometown because I don't have one. My parents both came from Kuala Lumpur.

First day in UiTM

Like many others teenagers whos got the offer further their studies in university, they must be felt excited, nervous maybe a little bit scared of new environment so do I. I'm glad that I've got the offer from UiTM it is because all of my bestfriends got the offer but in the different campus. Actually, this is the second time I went to UiTM Segamat because my brother used to studied here but at that time he's already grad but I still felt awkward first time being here.

I left my house around 8 in the morning with my mom, dad and my two little sister. I arrived at UiTM Segamat around 11 a.m. When I'm entered the gate my feeling changed, from excited to nervous and a bit scared. I keep on asking myself whether I can adapt in new environmet here. What if I can't find friends here?, what if I can't stand being here? and many more negative thought in my head maybe because I'm too nervous of meeting up with new friends. Okay let's proceed, firstly I have to registered my identity at my college to get my room, my College name is Mutiara. After I got my room I have to clean it up and arrange my stuff at the locker. First time I met my roommates their name is Haneefa and Syahirah, Haneefa from Muadzam and Syahira from Malacca.

After I've finish do the all thing in my room, we have to congregate and get ready to be oriented by the senior at the UiTM main hall called Dewan Sri Temenggung. That day was very exhausted, we have to walk and eat quickly. Can you imagine we have to walk quickly from a place to place with wearing baju kurung and sandals not sport shoes. Quick, I mean is it's was like running. I felt like wanted to burst my eyes into tears because I never felt like that before. We don't even have time to rest. We rest only at night after 11 p.m. We facing that exhausted routine for a week! We don't get enough sleep, enough rest and enough heathy food. At the assembly we are not allowed to sleep awhile and if we are fall asleep the facilitators will snap our picture and will show it at the hall.

But after a week I find that even we are exhausted to death it is an unforgetable memories because I met many friends from different state :)

Ghost story.

In the year of 2007 which means I was 15 years old, my neighbour was been possessed. At that time she was 18 years old, actually she is my bestfriend her name is Rosmie. Some said someone sent the ghost to her but I don't know the truth. 

She's been attacked around 10 o'clock at her house. Her sister came to my house and seek for my dad to help her and call some of my neighbour to hold her. Rosmie has been screaming all the time and her stamina was unbelievabe, she's so stong until 7 men have to hold her. I can hear her voice screaming from my house. I felt anxious, worried and scared when I'm heard she's screaming and then I went out just to see whats happening. Her brother and sister called me and ask whether I wan't to see Rosmie or not and I'm with the feeling of anxious agreed to see her and I went to her house. 

I sat infront of her but that time Rosmie has been stopped screaming a while until I sat infront of her and suddenly she's whispered something at a Ustaz, do you know what's she told the Ustaz? The Ustaz said Rosmie told her that one of the ghost sat behind me at the vase. The Ustaz ask me to recite some Quran words just to protection. The vase just only 5 inch far from me and that time I' started shaking and became more scared. My dad, brother and my mother ask me to go home but no one at my home because everyone busy help Rosmie, my two little sister was at my other neighbour at I'm follow them. 

At my neighbour's house they ask me to recite the Quran but I don't feel like wan't to recite it and I'm started felt that something wrong. I just watched tv and talk with my neighbour's daughter. Around 1 in the morning I felt sleepy and ask my dad to sent me and my sisters home, at that time Rosmie still hasn't stopped been possessed. Suddenly when we reached at my house's gate, someone from Romie's house shouted, he said ' Quick! Get Fatin inside, that thing will come and get her!'. Then my dad bring me inside and when I'm sat at the couch I suddenly cry and I can't remember what was happening after that.

Around 5 a.m I 'm awake, I felt very tired it was like I just ran for millions of mile and many people surround me also the Ustaz, my mom, dad and my brothers. I ask them what was happening and they just ask me to sleep and take a rest. After I woke up from my sleep my family explained to me that I also was been possessed from the time I'm at home until 5 a.m after morning prayer. My brother said that from 1 a.m I didn't stop screaming until 5 a.m.

That was an unforgetable memories for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

About Ramadhan

I love when Ramadhan month come. Eventhough it is a little bit exhausted but there is happiness during this month. I love when fasting at home because after we break the fast I will go to the mosque to perform tarawikh with my mom and if I'm at my auntie's house I will go with with aunties and cousins. At the same time we will gathered afer a long time didn't see each other.

The most interesting part is when it's come to Bazar Ramadhan. I love to go there because there is a lot of food and drinks that hard to find when Ramadhan didn't showed up. Such as ayam percik, ayam golek and many more. There is a different situation between Bazar Ramadhan and night market or day market. Bazar Ramadhan is more fascinating and fun because all Muslim interested in celebrating Ramadhan's month.

In Ramadhan, we have to hold our lustfrom eat, drinks and do something bad. In this month we can seek Allah's forgiveness and make as much as good things such as do the prayer, go to tarawikh, recite the Quran and even do the donation to whom need the most.

10 Things about myself that people don't know

1) I'm a big fan of Paramore.
Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee. Form in 2004. This band consist of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis, drummer Zac Farro, Tailor York play rhythm guitar and guitarist Josh Farro. Thier latest album is which is the third album called Brand new eyes. I knew about this band is from my brother he is the one who introduce to me about this band when I was in 14 years old. At that time this band didn't popular yet. I once went to thier concert which is thier first time came here, Malaysia.

                                                                      The Paramore.

2) I hate karaoke
I know majority of people loves karaoke including my bestfriend Ana Shazreen and my bestfriend at home. They seems like addicted with that. Eventhough I hate karaoke but I always go there, I went there so many times until I can't count how many times. When I go to the karaoke I just accompany my friends and I'm just sit, watch and heard what song they are sing. I don't know why I hate karaoke.

3) I hate wearing shoes
I bet that everyone would never know that I don't like wearing shoes even it is school shoes. When I'm wearing shoes I felt uncomfortable and I felt like I want to throw the shoes away. I rather wear sliper. In sliper I felt more comfortable and my feet will feel free.

4) I have a Sugar Glider
This tiny animal I just bought last 2 weeks. The price is very expensive. A sugar glider cost RM 3OO. My sugar glider name is Zoey. It's a female. Zoey only eats fruits but it's favourite is pear and papaya it is just 2 month old and still young.

5) I can't eat something that spicy
It is because it will make my stomach in pain for a long period of time. I once ate Gulai lemak cili api and my stomach pain the whole day. But, chili sauce ofcourse I can eat. My family also cannot stand eat something that spicy, only my older brother can eat spicy and my sister in- law because she is from Negeri Sembilan and people from that state eat spicy.

6) I love snorkeling
Even I ever snorkeling once in my life but that's moment was the precious moment in my life. First time I'm snorkeling was last 2 years at Perhentian beach at Terengganu. I went there with my 2 brothers and my sister in- law. I hope that I can do this activity this coming vacation. I love to snorkeling because I can't swim but still can see what's inside the sea  with life jacket.

7) I love milk
I love anything that can relate with milk. Strawberry milk, chocolate milk or original milk I will drink it. I don't know why I love milk so much. I stopped drink milk in the bottle also when I was 8 years old which means in standard 2. After I got home from school I will ask my mom to make me some milk or I will buy it by myself.

8)  Actually I'm wearing spectacles
I hate wearing that thing, that's why I didn't wear it outside. I'm only wear spec when I'm at home and when I'm at my room here. I'm not comfortable if I'm wearing spec, I feel something wrong at my eyes if I'm wear it. 

9) I hate put on some make up at my face
I bet many of girl loves make up, when they put on some make up their face will be more preety. I once put on some make up on face but I don't like it because I feel like something stick at my face and I don't comfort with that. I rather let my face free from any cosmetic products. 

10) I love colouring my nails
I colour my nails when I'm period only. I love to colouring my nails because my nails will look very pretty with that colourful colours. My mother coloured my nails since I was 4 years old, she loves to coloured my nails in red. But now I don't really like red, I like yellow, peach and soft blue. I got a collection of nail colour.  

The things that I wanted the most

 When I was a kid I do have something that I wanted te most, I really wanted to own that thing. Do you know what it is? It is a camera. Not an ordinary camera, not a digital camera or een not a DSLR camera but it is a camera that called Polariod. It is not so big and not so small. Later I will show you how does the camera look like but now I want to tell you the story behind this camera.

 When I was a kid my mom used to have that camera. It is black in colour and little bit heavy, at that time this camera is expensive. I once ask my mom to give that camera to me but my mom refused she said I'm still a kid and kid shouldn't own that kind of camera at that age, I was 10 years old at that time. So I just follow what's my mom said until I was in high school, I ask my mom again about the camera, I want to own that camera because I'm big enoughh to own it unfortunately, my mom said that the camera was at my grandmother's house. After she passed away the house have been sold so do the furnish inside and my mom forgot to take the camera and the film. So, I just sit with empty heart I felt very dissapointed about it. 

I used to tell this story to my brother's girlfriend and she just heard and just knocked her head. After 4 month of my birthday I got surprise from her. She gave me that camera! But in a different shape and colour. It's okay as long as I can own that camera. What is so speacial about this camera is you don't have to go to the photoshop to wash the film and wait for an hour just want to see the picture but after you click the button in any seconds the picture will came out. The model of my polaroid is Fujifilm instax mini.

My Roommates !

I have an awesome roommates this semester! 
            They are Ila, Yana, Mar and Opet. You must be wondering why I have 4 roommates right? Later I will tell you why but now I'm going to tell you about my roommates. Firstly is Ila Nabila bte Ali Badarudin. She is 18 years old this year which is in part 1. She is taking DBS (Diploma Business Study). She is from Rawang, Selangor. She is kind type of person. She loves to help people, she always take an order from her friend or her roommates if she wants to go out for a meal. She also very closed with her parents, she always tell stories to her parents everyday or couples day. She also addicted to the computer games that is Zombies. She rather sit infront of the computer for ages just to finish up the level. Ila also is a hardworking person.

                                                                         This is Ila.

My second roommates is NurAtikah Liyana bte Jefri. She is same age as mine that is 19 years old but she is in part 1 it is because last semester she taking Pre Diploma, also in UiTM Segamat, Johor. Now she is taking Diploma in Business Study same as Ila. At my first impression of Yana, she is kind a arrogant and quiet person but after few days know her in depth, my first impression is totally wrong! She is very friendly and helpful person. She always tell story about herself, her family, her friend or even what she has been through all day. I'm really comfort being with her. She also is a hardworking person which is she always stay up late to study.

                                                                        This Yana.

Now, I want to tell you about my next roommates, she is Mardiana bte Nordin. She is 19 years old which is in part 3 same as me, she is taking DBS also just like Ila and Yana. She is from Segamat. Actually, she used to be my roommates but she already quitted last month. She said that she can't bring the course anymore that's why she quitted and now she is applying again UiTM but in different course. To me Mar is the most precious friend ever. I never met someone like her, she is very caring, loving, helpful and many more. She also is a happy go lucky person even she is in a trouble or sad. Actually, we already know each other since we are in part 1 because her room is next to mine. She always take care of me when I'm sick or in a very bad period pain. She also will cheer me up and give me strength when I'm in a bad condition or feeling down. I really love her and I hope she will success outside there.

                                                                        This is Mar.

          After Mar quitted, Opet which is my new roommate get in here. That's why I said that I have 4 roommates. Her real name is Farah Amira. She is from Johor Bahru. She is 19 years old and in part 3. She is taking the same course as mine but she is in different class. She is in 3c class. She is a little bit crazy and funny. We are friend since in MDS (Minggu destini siswa) but we start closed since we are in part 2. She always crack some jokes and loves to tease us or her fiend outside there. Opet also always keep me company if I want to go anywhere. Like Yana, Opet loves to share her stories about her family, friend and share her problem.

                                                                        This is Opet.